19. SCT

Based in Shoreditch, East London, SCT is a charity that supports people recovering from addiction by helping them to get clean and sober, develop self-respect and hope for a much better future.

Surface was asked to re-brand SCT (formerly the Spitalfields Crypt Trust) and create a new identity, website and range of printed materials to promote the charity and unite the day to day running of the organisation.

SCT logo

SCT re-brand

SCT web 1a
SCT web 2a

SCT website

Employing the skills of the renowned editorial photographer, Zak Waters, Surface created a dynamic user friendly site. With the needs of SCT and their user groups at its heart, we built a site that enables SCT to self manage and edit the site as the charity grows and evolves with its client base.

SCT booklet 1
SCT booklet 3
SCT booklet 2

SCT promo booklet

We produced a booklet that both highlights the achievements of SCT and doubles as a donation form to encourage giving.